The 2017 Ford Focus Has Technology Features to Simplify Your Driving Experience

It's easy to get distracted while driving around the streets of Clarksburg these days. Modern technology constantly draws attention away from pressing matters -- including, for some, driving. Ford has managed to flip the script and use technology in the 2017 Focus to simplify the driving experience so drivers can focus on the road.

From the beginning of your trip to the end, the Focus makes driving easier. The key fob provides remote start capability, so your Focus will already be running when you get to it. If you have the key fob in your pocket, the door will automatically unlock for you to enter.

Once you're on the road, Ford's new Sync 3 system gives easy access to apps, navigation, and more. This keeps your eyes away from your phone and focused on the road.

When you arrive at your destination, you can activate park assist to guide you into a parking spot with ease. You won't even have to steer.

You won't know the full extent of the 2017 Focus's tech conveniences until you drive it for yourself. So, swing by our location in Clarksburg and take one for a spin. We'll fill you in any details your curious about.

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