Pack Your Vehicle Faster and Easier with Ford's Hands Free Liftgate

Ford SUVs are famous for their sensible convenience and ergonomic design. They're among the more useful vehicles available for drivers of West Virginia. Now, Ford has taken convenience a step further with its hands free liftgate system.

The system solves the problem of opening an SUV's rear hatch when no one else is around and you're carrying a bulky load. It's a simple solution to a common problem.

All it takes to activate is a foot movement under the rear bumper. A sensor underneath will detect your foot and activate the automatic hatch. After you're done you can either use your foot to automatically close the hatch again, or simply pill it down with your hand. 

Regardless of your task, the hands free liftgate can make it easier. If you're curious about the hands free liftgate or any other convenience features in the new Ford lineup, call us and we'll answer your questions. Or, we can set up a test drive at our location near Clarksburg.

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