3 Important Types of Microfiber Towel to Know

When it comes time to clean your new Ford, you want to be sure you're not scratching the paint. Though it's hard and protective, preventing rust and UV damage, your vehicle's clear coat is actually very sensitive to abrasion.

That's why the experts now say you should ditch your old terrycloth towels, and start using microfiber.

Microfiber for Cleaning Windshields

For leaving a streak-free finish on glass surfaces, it's best to look for a relatively low-density, yet highly-absorptive microfiber. The tag should read 70-percent polyester, 30-percent polyamide (the material that gives microfiber its absorptivity), and 200 GSM (density in grams per square meter).

Microfiber That Saves Your Clear Coat

You want to look for a dense microfiber for use on your vehicle's paint. The large number of fibers helps pull dirt away from the paint, so it doesn't cause scratching. Look for a towel with over 300 GSM, and a fabric blend of about 80-percent polyester and 20 percent polyamide.

Microfiber for Cleaning Engine and Exhaust

When cleaning the dirtiest parts of your car, don't waste your expensive towels. Look for cheap low-GSM throwaway rags, which can be washed and re-used a few times, and easily replaced.

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