The Ford Blind Spot Information System Improves Driving Safety

One of the driving habits that we are taught early on in our formative years of driving is to constantly check the blind spot in our mirrors. The blind spot is that area behind and to the left or right of our vehicle where our mirrors don't detect an oncoming vehicle. Thus we are taught to check our mirrors frequently when we are changing lanes or turning.

The Ford Blind Spot Information System uses sensors to check if there is an oncoming vehicle within ten feet of our car. If we are turning or changing lanes and we are unaware of this vehicle, an accident could be the result.

The Ford Blind Spot Information System is not meant to replace our good driving habit of checking the mirrors, but combined with that habit, the result is undoubtedly a much safer ride. The more that technology can be combined with safe driving habits, the better we are equipped to avoid accidents.
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