5 Tips for Traveling with Reptiles

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When it's time to go on the road with pets, you need to be prepared. Pets are like kids. They seem to throw change your way all of the time. You might need to take a trip with a reptile and be scared about what to expect. This tips list will help you prepare for that.
- Do not allow them to sit in a hot car, or let the car get too cool. Set your vehicle's climate control to within the normal temperature range of their terrarium.
- Remove any unsecured objects (food dishes, hides, cork bark, etc.) from their tank. These can slide and injure the reptile in transit.
- Snakes are safest when bagged in a pillowcase, and secured inside a bucket or animal crate.
- Schedule food and water breaks for longer journeys.
- Cover the container they are in with a blanket to keep heat from escaping when traveling in cool weather, and to keep excess heat out when traveling in summer.

These tips can help traveling with these types of pets. Their comfort will become your comfort. They can feel safe and enjoy the trip with you.
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