Which Tires to Choose?

The seasons are changing, and the type of tires on your car can have a significant impact on your vehicle's performance, which is why we at Chenoweth Ford thought it important that we give you a rundown on the different tire types so you can make the decision for yourself!
  • Winter and snow tires are great for, you guessed it, winter! The tread is coarser and grips the snow better, allowing for safer navigation in harsh winter conditions.
  • Summer passenger tires are great for your everyday multi-passenger vehicle, and perform great when it's warm outside.
  • All-terrain truck tires are imperative for that off-road camping trip; your truck hauls all the gear, and these tires ensure that your truck drives smoothly through those back-road areas.
For more information on which tires you need, visit our location in Clarksburg, and we'll hook you up with the goods!
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